Made to Measure in Little Red World

Made to Measure is more than a service, it is an experience. 

It is an experience that begins with you and a tailor, it is an experience of building a garment around you 

You will be able to choose the style, the cut, fabric, lining, buttons, collars and cuff, which is specific for you. Creating for you, a true bespoke garment

The result is a true expression of your individuality 

We offer you the Made to Measure service for both formal wear, Casual Wear and Shirts 

Master Tailors from the Houses of



The masterful hands of our tailors apply the supreme skills of Neapolitan Tailoring that have been refined and practiced for hundreds of years. The gauge of our work is measured against the absolute mastery of these traditions. Our products are totally handmade and produced exclusively for people who recognize the epitome of style and elegance so that they might distinguish themselves in the world

Together with other prestigious brands, with 700 years of Neapolitan Tailoring, Principe represents the Neapolitan style in the world today

The brand Principe di Eleganza expresses the synthesis of quality, elegance, style and imagination. There are no items that are ever the same, truly defining all that of which is “Custom” and “Bespoke”. This is the true difference between Made to Measure and bespoke 

Many people think that elegance is a gift, a talent, an innate quality, and this is partly true. There are some people who know how to move, speak, communicate better than others. However, you cannot trust only instinct. Elegance, simplicity, sobriety are arts that we learn and grow


Located in the Southwest of Napoli, this company is dedicated to crafting one item: THE SHIRT


The philosophy and goal is to create a flawless garment that combines modern aesthetics with the craftsmanship of expert tailors, adhering to true Neapolitan tailoring traditions 


Every shirt is handmade, from the first cut to the final stich, with dedicated precision in sewing and fabric calibration. Your shirt, from the fabric, collar , cuff to cut if made for you

Please get in touch with us for further information 

We work with the best, and offer the Su Misura service with Pal Zileri and Principe De Eleganza


Little Red Limited, a third-generation family-run, luxury clothing retailer based in Nairobi, is able to provide you with this exclusive and personalised service.


We proudly dress the most discerning persons across the African continent. The family is involved in every stage of the business to ensure that the highest quality items are available at the stores, and also ensuring that our customer loyalty persists through generations.


The Su Misura experience with Little Red provides you the opportunity to select from fabrics to create personalised custom-made suits, jackets, trousers and overcoats as well as shirts, ties, and other personalized accessories. Every garment carries a distinctive combination of luxurious fabrics and sartorial excellence. The attire is individually fitted, cut and sewn, giving value to the importance of style, which is exclusively personalised.

Fashion is a language that created itself in clothes to interpret reality 

Karl Lagerfeld- 

The personalization is endless, you will be able to select from a collection of over 500 fabrics, and match together the lining and button. The fabrics you select from, are in itself an art, an art of perfection and craftsmanship. They are the result of the most precious noble fibers being e transformed into superfine yarns and fabrics that are unsurpassed in terms of quality, fineness and wearability.


Little Red ensures that your Su Misura experience is as personalised as the end product made for yourself. We will walk you through the different fabrics available, and assist you in your fabric selection, as well as guide you through the smallest personalized detail of the lining, buttons, buttonholes, lapels, and cuffs. With the master tailors, who are flow in from Italy, will create a selection, which is distinctive for you, and a reflection of you.


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