Let’s get basic, every man needs a good selection of shirts in his wardrobe. That 
much is clear. But what is not clear, is which shirts should these be?
By now you should all have you dress shirts, for your day today office wearing and
occasions. If you don’t, you need to visit us, and visit us fast!
The solution, stick to the classics. Your shirting staples that have never gone (nor
will ever go) out of fashion. By keeping it classic, we assure you that you are
covered for every conceivable occasion, while of course, looking your best

Here a List of Shirts we Suggest you invest into:

1.The Oxford-cloth button-down shirt, this is a type of casual shirt cut from Oxford cloth. It gets the other half of its name from the buttons that hold the collar in place. Take note that it is thicker than a classic formal shirt with a more textured look and feel.

This is the glue of all your shirts, making it perfect for bridging the gap between smart and casual.

You can easily shop this shirt style with us, especially carried in Brooks Brothers, stocked at both our locations


So, how do you wear it? We advise against wearing it with anything that would be more formal than soft tailoring and anything as casual as sportswear.

2.Printed Summer Short Sleeve Shirt, these should be hanging in your wardrobe. Allow yourself to dress in this breezy look, which can be completely printed, or with small parts printed, or even completely plain. 

We suggest that you pair this up with Chinos or Denim



This type of shirt is great with shorts and can be worn either open over a T-shirt, or loosely buttoned up 

These kind of prints are available in our collection of Michael Kors and Paul Smith, available at both our locations 

3.The Flannel Shirt, to start with, it’s thick, it’s warm and it’s ideal for the cooler Nairobi evenings.  It is a soft fabric, making it an incredibly comfortable shirt, and one that will keep you warm and cosy


The Flannel shirt can be either plain or printed, for classic checked versions, like above we suggest jeans, but then again, this is a very easy shirt to also wear with chinos.  Take note, flannel shirts are strictly casual and should not be paired with dress pants 

This shirt is available at our store at The Westgate Mall, in Brooks Brothers 

4.The Denim Shirt, this is a must have in everyman's wardrobe, its adds style and personality in your wardrobe.

When you wear a denim shirt you must ensure that you are not matching the denim with your trousers, keep its simple and keep it contrasted. We suggest a pair of white jeans with loafers, you cannot go wrong here!


If you want to keep the denim shirt more casual, you can roll up the sleeves loosely and leave the top 2 buttons unbuttoned

Available in HUGO BOSS at our city center store, IPS Building 

5.The linen Shirt, there is something breezy and easy about a linen shirt. It is a perfect fabric for the hot summer’s days.  It is airy, breathable, light and you can get colorful with this! You won't go wrong with this shirt on a Sunday BBQ, or Sundowners. Do not wear this on a cloudy day, it should be a shirt only reserved the warmer days.


If you want to keep it even more laid back, keep the top buttons unbuttoned with the sleeves lightly cuffed

Available at both our locations, in HUGO BOSS, Michael Kors and Paul Smith

We hope you enjoyed this little blog article, stay tuned for the next one

The Little Red Team 


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